Consumers are encouraged to take full advantage of their rights, and make better-informed decisions by participating in proceedings of the Federal Communications Commission. Matters range from unauthorized charges on your phone bill, mobile device theft protection, unwanted robocalls and texts, access to broadband, and broadband privacy.

Cities with superior telecommunications have a competitive edge when seeking business investment. State-of-the-art telecommunications are vital to a city’s economic health and viability. Promoting economic growth facilitates innovation in the provision of education, health care, and safety of life and property.

Small business enterprises and innovators are crucial parties in the growth of TMT commerce, and affordable technological solutions. Sharing of best practices, theories and models in workshops, forums, and field events facilitate dialogues on early stage investment strategies, entity formation, and incubation.

Stakeholders actively engage with the FCC by filing electronic comments and complaints. This input informs the agency on what consumers are experiencing, directs the development of regulatory decisions, and contributes to shaping the global flow of communication, data and information.

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Laurel G. Yancey, Esq. has deep functional legal expertise in domestic and international telecommunications, media and technology law and policy. The Law Office of Laurel G. Yancey, PC practice serves clients by providing expert advisory service, aligning business strategies with regulatory compliance, advocating on policy matters, and delivering legal solutions.


The Law Office of Laurel G. Yancey, P.C., has practical experience in administrative adjudicatory hearings, and rule making proceedings before the FCC. You can call the Law Office of Laurel G. Yancey, P.C. at 888.659.7715 or contact our firm online to schedule a free initial consultation.



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